Steve Jones

Vocals / Guitar

A veteran of the Tempe music scene and a founding member of the bands: Primitive Id, Tripod Dog and Ksonic.
Initially, Steve had literary ambitions and founded a poetry pamphlet called The Primitive Id with his good friend Mike Caruso. After publishing and distributing one issue, he was looking for a more direct and dynamic way to share his writing. Seeing the Gin Blossoms at Long Wongs on Mill Avenue was all the inspiration that was needed to start taking out ads in search of bandmates.

After a long hiatus, Steve’s wife Valerie encouraged him to get back into music, so he blew the dust off some old songs and wrote a bunch of new ones.

Matt Rosenthal

Guitar / Vocals

Started playing guitar in college because it was too cold to go to class. Music brought me to Tucson in the mid 90's where I played with Atomic Frog. Later moved to the Midwest and played in a variety of bands, originals, covers, reggae, acoustic, etc. happy to be a part of LosJones after a few years of seeking like minded musicians in the valley.

Nick Warren

Drums / Vocals

Took up playing the drums to get out of French lessons in school. Started out in the mid eighties playing with several bands during the new wave indie pop scene. Had some success in the late 80's touring with punk band Damage. Continued to play live with various alternative bands through the 90's and even did some theater work. Took an extended break until 2015 before working on a solo album 'Looking For Allies' under the band name 'A Thousand Cuts' which was released at the beginning of this year before getting back behind the drums with LosJones.

Pablo Rodriguez

Bass / Vocals

Pablo was born and raised in Tucson, AZ before moving to Tempe to attend Arizona State University (ASU). During his time at ASU began writing songs. In 2011, he began exploring recording original music with a project called the Gigaloops. Over the years, Pablo performed with various cover bands usually playing rhythm guitar, bass and vocals.